Since Witches are one of the more recognizable Halloween characters, I didn't feel it was possible to put together the right display without having some.

Flying Witch on Roof

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This was one of the few props I had from previous smaller displays. Viewed at night from the front of the house, the base is not visible and it actually looks as though she is "flying". I had constructed this prop with a wooden frame since I made it before I began using PVC. Although it could be redone with PVC, it has been holding up rather well and I will likely leave it as is.

Here is daytime photo showing the base attachment on the roof.

Three Witches Around a Cauldron

The cauldron was made from papier-mache and the witches were constructed using the PVC frame method. A small motor in the bottom of the cauldron was used to make the witch "stir" and fog was piped in to complete the effect.