Haunted Links

Check out the Links! These are some of the GREAT sites where you will find the latest info on Props, Displays and Supplies. All are maintained by Haunters who share both the enjoyment of the Halloween season and their ideas. If you have a site that you would like to have listed here, please contact me and I will be glad to add it.

For an amazing list of props and ideas, make sure you check out The Monsterlist of Halloween Projects. It's a good place for beginners or experienced haunters who are looking for new or better ways to create their displays.

Halloween Homepages

"Chris's Crypt"
"Glen's Halloween Page"
"Goblin Hollow"
"The Haunting at 332"
"Home Haunters Paradise"
"Jeffrey's Halloween Hell"
"Julie's Haunted Web Page"
"Kim's Inexpensive Halloween Ideas"
"Larry's Halloween Yard Haunt"
"Larry Lund's Halloween Page"
"Little Eddie Productions"
"Lothar's Lair"
"Scott's Halloween Page"
"The Terror Syndicate"

Halloween Online

Haunt Suppliers

"Boneyard Bargains"
"Death Studios"
"Dreadful Dreams"
"Empire Wholesale Inc."
"Halloween Prop Shop"
"Haunted House.Com"
"Haunt Your Home"
"Stage Fright Studios"
"Terror by Design"
"Theatre Effects"

Haunted Attractions

"Livingston Street Terror!"
"Pirates of Emerson"

Halloween Fun

"Last Half of Darkness On-Line Adventure Game"
"SpOoKy MoNkEy Manor"