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Here you will find images and info on the development and creation of "SPOOKY HOUSE". Like most Haunters, I have always loved Halloween, however, I was limited to small displays based on where we were living at the time. In 1997 we moved to our first home and I was finally able to indulge my creativity in the pursuit of my dream haunt. "SPOOKY HOUSE" has moved a few times over the years and we have continued to expand and add more material. We've had the opportunity to welcome 100's of guests each Halloween season while also raising money for various local charities.

For most of the projects listed, I have either included links to the sites where the instructions can be found or provided them for my own personal creations.

I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again often!

Spooky House 2010 Cast and Crew

Your Scream is Our Dream

Above are pictures of "The Master" of "Spooky House" who silently greets all visitors. Standing 8' tall (with a little help from some drywall stilts), he is the first test for those brave enough to venture further. Click on the images to enlarge.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further info on prop design plans. If you'd like to stop by for a visit, "Spooky House" is located in Bradford, MA.