"The Bridge of Lost Souls" is 44' in length and elevated 2' off the ground with ramp access at the entrance and exit. There is a slight bounce while walking across, which creates a sense of uneasiness. Under the Bridge, green floodlights provide an eerie glow that's visible between the planks, which is enhanced when fog seeps ups through the cracks.

The view out from on the Bridge is obscured by sections of Jute that hang down from a rail attached 7' above the walking surface. With only Flame Sconces for lighting, guests cannot see the actors positioned along the outside of the Bridge, who are able to reach through the Jute sections and startle people as they walk by. Creaking bridge and creepy swamp sound effects finished off the scene.

We've had several people who either refused to cross the Bridge or decided not to continue through the remainder of the "Spook Walk" after coming off of it.